Cured dried ham made of mangalica pork


Our hams are made from the whole thigh of the free-range mangalica, using coarse sea salt, and then aged in air for 18-36 months, during which time their characteristic taste is developing. The raw material base is provided by our free-range mangalica, ensuring the high quality and enjoyable taste. We use only crops grown in our own areas to feed mangalica, taking into account the season, as well as the animals’ age.  The technology of making the ham: The salt of the product is adjusted by appropriate salting and drying time. The hams are matured in the ham ripening plant under strict temperature and humidity control. The hams undergo hand salting and massaging in the first phase considering their weight. They are then transferred to the cold phase of the ham ripener where the ripening process begins. After the cold phase, in the pre-ripening stage, some of their weight is lost and the outer surface gradually hardens over a period of about 8 months. Further maturation takes place at controlled temperature and humidity for 10-28 months. During this, the hams acquire their characteristic taste and the right texture.